Why we hired Annabel the Architect

When you get a fee proposal from an architect, it’s natural to ask yourself if it is really going to be worth the money. There is a voice in the back of your head saying, “hey, you could just sketch something on a napkin, give it to a guy, and ‘Bob’s your uncle'”

However, Bob is not my uncle and when Annabel taught us about gabled roofs in front, shed roofs in back I figured she had earned her fee. (Yes I will tell you exactly how much we paid her).

To make clear my point, here is a sketch I sent to her on July 1st, 2011 as a concept. Notice the gabled roofs all over the back of the house!

I drew this sketch in June, 2011, before Annabel set me straight.
I drew this sketch in June, 2011, before Annabel set me straight.

You can see how I imagined we might add to the side of the house a “new extension”. The roof would have to be peaked, I thought. It would look ugly but it would get the job done.

Also in this sketch, I imagined a gabled dormer on the top floor that would give the kids a bathroom upstairs and maybe a playroom, too. We had started to dream bigger and explore a concept of the house that would allow us to live comfortably here forever.

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James lives in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada with his amazing partner, Leanne Koehn, and their two amazing kids in their beautiful house. He studied Science and English Literature at the University of British Columbia where he met Leanne. He also studied acting for a while at Studio 58 in Vancouver. He works as a teacher of English and curriculum writer for new Canadians.

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