The Technology Arrives

Colin and Nicole are students in the Building Sciences Dept. at BCIT
Colin and Nichole are students in the Building Sciences Dept. at BCIT

Leanne and I are lucky enough to have attracted the interest of the Rodrigo Mora, of the Building Sciences department at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. One of his students, Colin Tougas, is interested in doing a project on our project and another, Nichole Wapple (pictured) is thinking about doing another project on our project separate from Colin’s project.

Most people who renovate their homes can barely afford the basic cost, let alone energy-saving choices. Livesmart BC grants encourage us to¬† use the opportunity to reduce our energy bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. But how many people can afford to do what Livesmart BC was intended to encourage–a complete retrofit of a whole house? Well, not us, but we’re going to try anyway and hope our story helps others do the same. Continue reading The Technology Arrives