The Statement of Significance-introduction

So you think your house has heritage value and deserves a Heritage Revitalization Agreement and the tax break that entails?

Prove it!

You’ll need a Statement of Significance and a Conservation Plan.

Pretty nice cover page, huh? The photo was taken in 1969

Annabel the architect knew a guy named James Burton. James’ firm happened to be working with Maple Ridge on some heritage stuff, so Annabel thought hiring him would be a natural choice.

Over the next several days I will share with you the contents of the Statement of Significance he and Annabel put together. Here is how James introduced himself by e-mail on July 19, 2011:

Annabel Vaughan contacted me, inquiring whether I would be interested in writing a Statement of Significance and Conservation Plan for you house in Hammond.

I would enjoy writing the two pieces.  We have done many of these Statements and Plans for houses over the last several years.  Drafts of the two documents could be produced for permit submission in the month of August/early September. They would reflect the findings of the heritage study we are now completing for the District of Maple Ridge (Planner Lisa Zoziak).  Fees for the two pieces are as follows:

1.    Statement of Significance: $ 1,200.00
2.    Conservation Plan:  $2,500.00

The Conservation Plan provides clear policy and direction on the conservation of building elements based on the Federal Standards and Guidelines for Historic Places in Canada, the standard guide for conservation in Canada, and recognized by the District.

If you have any question, please email me.  Please note that I am out of town July 21st through to August 8th.SoS Contents


James Burton, MAIBC
Birmingham & Wood Architects and Planners
231 Carrall Street, Vancouver BC V6B 2J2
[email protected]
tel: 604-687-1594
mobile: 604-789-1594

Did you gasp when you read the fees? So did we. However, we do not regret paying them. The house is a family treasure and, as you’ll see the SoS and Conservation Plan are valuable documents. That being said, it is perhaps not necessary to spend quite so much on these documents. The District of Maple Ridge may not require such in-depth research before they agree a property is deserving of an HRA.

For more information, contact Lisa Zosiak at [email protected]

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