Maple Ridge Elections 2022

Tomorrow we will choose who is going to be our new Mayor, Council and School Board in Maple Ridge.

I hope you’ll vote. Here’s where: City of Maple Ridge election site

In the past, I’ve tried to be a little indirect about who I support. I had some strong favourites, but I wanted to encourage people to get involved and vote with joy above all. Unfortunately, the last time around that didn’t turn out so well and we endured a really toxic City Council for the last four years.

This time, partly because the ruling party on Council is so clearly taking us in the wrong direction, a bunch of excellent people are stepping up. This time I’m being a little more direct about who I support and a little more critical of who I don’t.

I’ve been doing that on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I have no idea if I’m helping, but I hope so. Here is a collection of videos that I have posted.

If you would like to help bring positive change to Maple Ridge, I would appreciate it if you would share these videos widely.

Tomorrow is the big day. Let’s get the vote out!

First up are some quick, shareable hits from the team called A Better Maple Ridge. Most people don’t particularly want political parties on our City Council, but this is a diverse group of candidates who came together out of necessity to counter the current mayor’s slate which formed before the last election. They have been using every trick in the book to fundraise and promote themselves and it’s not easy to campaign against them without a team.

Who made these videos? I did. Are you getting paid by anyone? No, I’m just trying to make a difference.

Share this one tomorrow morning before 8am!

I’ll add longer versions of those conversations below. Now, just for fun:

A Better Maple Ridge are not the only good candidates running! Here are a few more for your consideration: Craig Speirs, Sarah Little, Rebecca Stiles and Bob Masse. The rest? I either don’t know them well enough to recommend or I wouldn’t touch them with a ten-foot pole. Here’s Craig Speirs:

I’ve been hesitant to criticise or knock other candidates in the past, but fair and open criticism is clearly needed. We’ve started to see some real Trump-style attack ads put out by the current Mayor’s ruling party which makes my criticism seem like a butterfly kiss. Here is a series of critical videos for you to enjoy and share.

Some criticism based on my own experience:

Finally, here’s an easy place to find the longer introductions A Better Maple Ridge. Please share widely so we can get Maple Ridge back on track.

And that’s all the time I have to make a post! I hope my own personal view on our local political scene helps you clarify your own views. That’s all I can hope for.

Please encourage everyone you know who can vote to do so!

PS: It’s so sad that the School Board candidates are so often an after-thought and here I am adding them in a post-script! Even after running for the school board in 2014!

Very quickly, here are my thoughts on the SD42 School Board. It’s running pretty well and that means there’s not much need to shake things up. Korleen Carreras is the current chair and, excellent as she is, she is running for Maple Ridge Council. That leaves one spot open and more than one good candidate to fill it.

The incumbents: Kim Dumore, Mike Murray, Pascale Shaw and Elaine Yamamoto are doing just fine so I voted for all of them. I was torn for the last spot because we have Yvonne Desabrais and Gabe Liosis stepping up who would be good for different reasons. Please check them out.

The only thing to avoid on School Board is the candidates who are ideologically opposed to progress in the school system. As long as you avoid them, we’re likely to continue to enjoy good governance of SD42. Just my humble opinion as always.

Happy voting