Saw vs. Pipe

I just heard we are “on the docket for August” with Nickel Bros., the house lifters–assuming the building permit comes through from the City of Maple Ridge, that is.

We need to clear everything that is left out of the basement and that includes old steel pipes that go nowhere. In this case, it is the pipe that carried cold water to the exterior tap near the front of the house. We disconnected it and ran a  modern pipe to that tap several years ago.

I unfastened the heavy steel pipe from the beams, but how can I get it out of the basement? It doesn’t bend and the joints are rusted together.

The task at hand
The task at hand

Clearly, this is an opportunity for a Dad to get out his power tools! In this case, Mr. Reciprocating Saw.

Here we go!

Look at all the rust that fell out of this pipe!
Look at all the rust that fell out of this pipe!

The problem with steel pipe is that it rusts inside. Eventually there is a smaller and smaller space for the water to get through. Modern plastic pipe is definitely an improvement, but isn’t plastic made from oil and isn’t oil a fossil fuel and aren’t fossil fuels causing average global temperatures to rise and weather patterns to shift causing extreme weather like our current dry spell in BC which resulted in 200 wildfires?

Well, yes.

We need to act on the best information we have. We have known for decades about the greenhouse effect and the big role that fossil fuels have played in warming the planet. We need to be able to act on that information without throwing the baby out with the bath water.

The biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions are transportation, buildings and industry, right? So let’s tackle those first, OK?

While we’re talking about pipes, though. It’s not particularly sustainable to manufacture and install a bunch of steel pipe which will have to be replaced later, is it? I’ve heard that copper pipe is better, but of course it has to be manufactured, too. Plastic pipe can last for decades and right now is cheaper to produce and purchase. It may be the most sustainable choice right now.

Anyone have a better solution?

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