How to recycle coffee pods

Just in case you got a single-serving coffee maker that uses “pods” to make a cuppa, here is a follow up post to Coffee Consumption.

In this video I demonstrate how to separate the elements of the coffee pod to recycle or compost everything in them. The question is are you going to do this everytime you make a cup of coffee, or these things going to continue to fill up the landfills?

I don’t like to be negative on this blog because there are so many solutions to the challenges we are facing, but let’s be honest, these products are another way to sell you something you already have. You already have a coffee maker and it works just fine. These machines are creating a market where there was none before.

Sure, there are huge costs associated with the waste produced when these pods get dumped, but the biggest costs are associated with the manufacture of the machine itself–another piece of metal and plastic that takes up counter space and will probably break in less than six months. Keurig has just had to recall a bunch of their machines “after reports of people being burned by hot liquid that sprayed from the devices.”

I grew up with a kind of faith in the free market. I believed that every new product must be an improvement on the old product and if people bought it, it had proven its worth. Now I can see that some products are real stinkers but people buy them anyway.

The intention of any company making a product is not necessarily to improve our lives, it is first of all to make money. With these coffee makers, their popularity is due mostly to hype and marketing, not to the merits of the product. The marketing taps into that desire to make our lives easier. We’re busy in the morning and this will save us a few seconds. However, if you use those few seconds to think about the costs to the world around you, you will reject the whole idea.

Sorry, but I think if you bought one, you should feel a little suckered. You fell for the hype. Did you get one for the coffee lover on your Christmas list just because it’s the latest coffee thing?

But don’t worry, you can take it back to the store, right? Do you have the gift receipt? You don’t have to tell anyone, or if you do, you can be polite about it. “I just don’t have the space in the kitchen” is a good excuse.

You don’t have to tell them that these machines are killing the planet, but you could tell them about my blog and let me tell them. It’s a service I provide.

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