How to lower your water temperature

Our water heater is just behind the puppet ship
Our water heater is just behind the puppet ship

So you don’t want to scald yourself or scald your kids because the water coming out of your taps is too hot, you want to save money and energy, and you think it is ridiculous to heat water only to then cool it down again to achieve warm water. Well, step this way!

In the basement of HFH lurks the big old electric water heater (on the opposite side of the basement from the big old fuel oil tank). It is not too old, but you may have a newer one that is even easier to deal with.

In 2007, when we first moved in, I turned off the breaker that says, “HW heater”, approached it cautiously from upwind, and turned the temperature setting down. I have never looked back.

Now we turn on the hot water from the kitchen faucet, the bathroom faucet, or the bath faucet and we get a perfect temperature and swell up with pride that we are not adding any cold to waste our heater’s efforts.

I’m going to discuss some more difficult ways to save energy, but this one is easy. I didn’t pay attention to what temperature I was setting it, I just turned it down “quite a bit” and we were quite happy. First time lucky I guess. Make sure you check the manual before you get in there.

There is no reason to leave your poor water heater putting out near boiling water. However, don’t take my word for it; look at what BC Hydro has to say about this noble idea.

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