For Sale: Oil Furnace

Oil furnace for sale. Good condition.

Olsen BCL-120s model.

This oil furnace was installed on May 14, 2002 for $2675 to heat, by forced air, our heritage house built in the craftsman style in 1923 by my wife’s grandfather.

We’re renovating the house so it must go!

Very powerful space heater! 79000 – 117000 BTU/hr!

When it was installed, the house had no wall insulation, minimal attic insulation and was very drafty. The furnace was therefore oversized for the 2000 square-foot living space.

Since the house was better insulated we have needed the furnace less and less. Last winter, we didn’t use it at all. It’s time to sell it to someone who will!

All ducting must go, too! Name your price!

We are planning to increase our home’s efficiency dramatically, so we are switching to a different system that will not use large ducts. Forced-air space heating is a good choice for a leaky, badly-insulated home because the residents don’t notice the drafts so much if warm air is frequently blowing.image

So, if your home needs insulating and you would rather pay high fuel bills instead of addressing the root of the problem, please make us an offer!

Pretty efficient — for an oil furnace! LOL!

Everyone knows that oil furnaces are practically the least efficient ways to heat your home. The Energuide system helps you compare similar models, but “only furnaces fuelled by oil are used in this scale.” Still, if you ignore these facts, you can feel pretty good that your new (used) furnace has an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency of 83.4 because hey, that’s pretty close to what the Most Efficient oil furnaces get: 86.7!

Also selling an 1140 litre oil tank in mint condition–almost empty. Only 5 years old! Paid about $700. Included in the $50K asking price totally free!

We were forced to buy a new oil tank in 2010 because the old one was rusting out. It almost broke my back bringing it into the basement with the installer! Little did we know we would be changing to a better system so soon. 20-20 hindsight!

Send greenhouse gases equivalent to 3841 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere to exaserbate climate change!

A key feature to this oil furnace/ oil tank combo is that if you burn a whole tank (and we used to go through a tank in just a few short winter months!) you will create greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to driving a standard wagon-type gasoline car for a year! I mean, if you like that sort of thing.image

Now, before you get totally turned off, remember that buying a used inefficient oil furnace is better for the environment than buying a new one. The same goes for cars–buying used is better than buying new. Think of all the resources and GHGs that went into making one of these things! By extending its life, you are saving the world!

Of course, that only applies if you were planning to buy an equivalent inefficient oil furnace or a gasoline car.

Everyone knows that when your old furnace gives up the ghost, you should buy a heat pump of some kind –groundsource or air-to-air–or at very least a natural gas furnace! As for cars, if you’re getting a new one anyway, it better have an electric motor in it somewhere. That’s just common sense, isn’t it?

I’m asking $50K not because I think someone will pay it, but because Stephen Harper’s federal government has eliminated all (job-creating, economy-stimulating) grants and rebates for improving home energy efficiency and so have the BC Liberals so we could really use the money!

Please let me know if you are interested, we’ll put the money in our dream geothermal heat-pump fund!

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