Digger Time Lapse

[UPDATE MARCH 2016: since this post was written, Leanne and I have entered into a contract dispute with Ridgewater Homes. For more details, click here.]

Here is a test of the iPhone time-lapse technology. Using the camera function on the iPhone 4S you can make a time-lapse movie but you have no control over how many photos are taken every minute. That’s why I’m using an app called iMotion v2.3.

With iMotion you can set how often the camera takes a photo from once every 0.5 seconds to once per day. Today I tried once every 30 seconds.

Taken from the roof of the little yellow house which pre-dated 1922 and was the only building on the block when Carl Whitehead bought the 5 lots in that year, I tried to capture the excavator working in the back yard.

In the video you can see:

-the excavator arriving, entering the yard, digging a hole for the rhododendron, moving aside some lumber;
-Chuck and Daryl from Ridgewater arriving to chat with me about the excavation and the lift
-the excavator taking out a stump and moving a couple of shrubs. He placed them on the other side of the fence for us to plant in the yellow house’ garden.
-Steve from Nickel Bros. arriving just as Daryl and Chuck were leaving so they came back and went over stuff in the basement for a few minutes.
-the excavator taking out the septic tank like it was a piece of Lego, rolling it over to empty it, and then putting it near the picket fence.
-young Mark from Ridgewater arriving to dig the final hole in the basement for the cribbing that Nickel Bros. will use to support the house.

I stopped the time lapse there because it will just be depressing watching Mark dig for hours.

I’m thinking I should increase the frame rate to get more detail in the movie. Otherwise it worked pretty well, don’t you think?

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James lives in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada with his amazing partner, Leanne Koehn, and their two amazing kids in their beautiful house. He studied Science and English Literature at the University of British Columbia where he met Leanne. He also studied acting for a while at Studio 58 in Vancouver. He works as a teacher of English and curriculum writer for new Canadians.

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    1. Ha! Karen I have been using a big clamp to clamp it onto the tripod. Sometimes it falls off and I often feel like I’m going to squeeze too hard. However, today I bought a clip designed for the purpose. Hopefully I can get Leanne’s phone going, too!

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