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We’ve been so busy I’m having trouble fitting in the blogging. Today we signed documents to consolidate our two lots into one and grant the City of Maple Ridge a Statutory Right of Way to the corner of our property so that they may widen the intersection, etc. in future.
That cost $1000.
Meanwhile, we are getting quite accustomed to our routine of burning no oil. I have to admit, with oil prices lower now, it is tempting to fill the tank just a little. However, the point of this stunt is not simply to save on fuel. No matter what oil costs, it is the drug we must wean ourselves from.
Since the last snapshot I took of our electricity consumption, the weather dipped below zero and then zoomed back up again.

It got pretty cold there but then weirdly warm.
It got pretty cold there but then weirdly warm.

Meanwhile, with the AC heater in the kitchen working harder and more cooking happening at home (it warms the kitchen) our consumption is up but not that much. Go figure.
Just this last weekend we were not home for two nights and you can see the dip in consumption. That shows the base level when a fridge, small freezer, and a few other things are the only things drawing power. You can see how much we would save if those appliances were more efficient.
Even clearer is the constrast between last year and this. Using oil for heat meant for lower BC Hydro bills last year. In BC I would gladly trade oil or gas for electricity because it is not produced by fossil fuels. Have a great day!
We even surpassed BC Hydro’s data for similar houses nearby, many of which probably use electric heating, on a couple of days!

The same period compared to similar homes nearby
The same period compared to similar homes nearby

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