Penny Floor Success!

From failure to success.

The Final Result

It’s been months since I finished the penny floor in our new upstairs bathroom but I haven’t shared the result yet–so sorry! We have been working hard on the exterior stuff like stairs, porches, shingles and landscaping.

I thought everyone must have forgotten, but a neighbour (I assume) was walking by last week and asked, “did you finish the penny floor?” Yikes, the world is watching. We are in a bubble.

So here is the final chapter in the story. This is the happy ending.

I don’t think I have to write much here because I totally geeked out on this topic in the first two posts about the penny floor (especially in Part 2 which includes videos ad nauseam and links to other Penny Floor advice I checked out before I tried ours).

Part 1: Penny Floor!

Part 2: Penny Floor Fail

So now, behold Part 3: Penny Floor Success!

In which I mix the two parts of Epoxy together and pour it on the floor, making sure it gets into the corners and does not get any bubbles in it and all the while recording it with a camcorder AND a time-lapse app on my iPhone 4S. Enjoy!

If you haven’t got a few minutes to watch the very entertaining video, here is the story in photos.

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Penny Floor Fail

Wrong! Do it again!

That’s the quote from Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 that has been on my mind.

This is Part 2 of the Bathroom Penny Floor. It’s the part where it went wrong. The next part will be how I saved it (I hope).

The photo on the left is before I added the topcoat to seal and protect the floor. On the right, you can see that the topcoat has changed the colour and all but eliminated the pattern.

Once again I discover how difficult it is to get a clear answer on the best way to do something that many people have done before me. (The first time I really noticed this was when my first child was born early and the nurses had conflicting ideas about how best to care for her. But I digress.)

A quick recap

By the end of my first post about the penny floor, I was still laying pennies. Like everyone says on all the youtube videos, it took a lot longer than I expected. In my case, it took a full week longer and hours at a time. I stopped putting a drop of silicone on each penny and laid a thin bead down in a row–much faster, but there was some silicon trimming from between the pennies later.

Here is the final 3-minute video of me (and the cats and a bunny rabbit) laying the pennies. You will also see the grouting process.

The Process

First I found the more-or-less centre of the irregular shape I had created with the tile. Then I used a magnetic compass to draw where North East South and West are. Leanne’s Dad pointed out that this gave me magnetic North and not True North, but I don’t think we’ll be navigating a ship using our bathroom floor, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Next, as you can see in the video, I transferred Leanne’s design onto the floor.

The compass orientation meant that the edges did not line up with the tile borders, so I used different sized coins of various currencies to fill in the gaps as much as I could.

When I wasn’t creating a pattern, I chose pennies randomly, heads or tales, from our collection. Some were discoloured, but I felt that just makes the floor more interesting. Perhaps someone can tell our fortune by the patterns in the chaos–like reading tea leaves. We were happy with the result and I set about grouting. Continue reading Penny Floor Fail