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James and Leanne by Amber Light Photography

This is the story of the renovation and retrofit of a 1923 Craftsman-style cottage into Hammond Forever House–a house that heats and cools itself, conserves both energy and water, and keeps our family healthy and happy–on a budget.

My wife Leanne and I bought (with a little help) the house that Leanne’s grandfather built in the historic neighbourhood of Port Hammond, BC.  It needs a little work and some say it would be cheaper to knock it down and build new. Why invest in an old house when you might sell it in a few years? Well, what if we want to live here for a long, long time? Would it make sense then?

In fact, remodelling an existing house into a comfortable, efficient home reuses resources, conserves that intangible heritage value of place, reduces our influence on climate change, and ensures our long-term financial well-being.

It is also an act of defiance against the economic status quo. Can we afford to do what is right for the house, our community, the planet and ourselves? No! But then, nobody else can either. Heck, most of us can’t afford our mortgages! Somebody has to kick this problem in the pants so let it be us!

This is the story of the renovation and retrofit of a 1923 Craftsman-style cottage into Hammond Forever House.

Can we do it? Watch us!

James Rowley


6 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hi James,

    It was great meeting you at the Solar Tour yesterday. I just came across the Kambo website and noticed that they work with residential customers as well. They are a Bullfrog channel partner.

    It might be worth reaching out to them.




    1. Thank you very much Lauren! I will check Kambo out.
      I’m going to mention Bullfrog in my post about the Go Solar Tour, but I will go more in-depth in a future post.

  2. A well-written article about Voting in Maple Ridge. Our daughter and husband lived there for three years while she taught at the Khalsa School Old Yale Road (I think that was the school).

    I have passed along a link to your story as I try to get people to actually think about the differences between the political parties and what it means to our future. It’s hard to find a message that resonates but think you have hit upon a good formula.

    Here is one post I recently wrote on the subject:

    It is currently the lead story on my blog.

    Harold McNeill

  3. Hi Jim It’s Georgina from treeplanting

    That’s great you have a beautiful house with children! I wish the same for myself.

    take care

    1. Hey it’s great to hear from you, Georgina! Please send an email or message if you can so we can catch up!

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